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Welcome to Texas Divorce Talk. This podcast is dedicated to providing reliable insights and information about the divorce process in Texas. With so much contradicting information about divorce on the internet, it can be challenging to separate fact from fiction.

That’s why we’re here to provide you with factual and trustworthy resources straight to your headphones. Our licensed Texas attorneys, who have over 40 years of combined experience in divorce law, will cover everything you need to know about divorce in Texas. We’ll be talking about all of the divorce options available in this state, but always through the lens of how to achieve a divorce with less drama and lower costs. So, tune in to our podcast to learn more about the truth behind divorce in Texas.

This episode’s musical track is Vinyl Couch by Blue Dot Sessions.

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But Brooke Chaffin and Catherine Connors are looking to change that with the introduction of Maverick.


[00:00:05] Hosts offer to simplify the overwhelming and conflicting information on the Texas divorce process.
[00:00:38] More than 40 years combined experience – we’ve seen a lot.
[00:00:48] New podcast: Texas Divorce Talk. Covers divorce process in Texas, insights from two attorneys.
[00:01:21] Podcast delivering divorce facts amidst internet clutter.
[00:01:37] Podcast promotes low-cost, low-drama divorce.

Episode Transcript

Charlotte: Are you searching the internet trying to figure out the Texas divorce process? It's not that there's too little information out there, right? It's that there's an avalanche of information. And within five minutes of scanning through those Google results, you've likely found articles giving you completely opposite guidance on the same question.

Also right? Yep. I hear you nodding with me now.

Listen, we're so glad you're here. Pull up a chair and let's talk for a few minutes. We can help.

Hi, I'm Charlotte Drew

Patric: and I'm Patric McCallum. We're licensed Texas attorneys and we've been helping people divorce for just over 20 years.

Charlotte: Which is not a number I'm crazy about sharing, but it means that at this point, I've, well, we've seen about everything.

Patric: And we have the tools you need for what you're going through.

Charlotte: We are really excited to announce our new podcast - Texas Divorce Talk. In this podcast we're talking about all things divorce in Texas. You'll discover what's involved in the divorce process as well as get information and insight straight from two attorneys in the thick of it all.

Patric: Through the podcast we demystify what divorce is and what it isn't.

We separate fact from fiction and we bring you fantastic interviews with experts in areas other than law, such as personal finance, taxes, mortgages, real estate, and psychology.

Charlotte: We're making it easy to sort through all of the internet clutter about divorce by bringing facts straight to your podcast headphones.

Patric: Oh, and you know, speaking of clutter, one thing all those internet articles won't tell you is that divorce is undergoing a tremendous transformation right now.

Charlotte: That's right. People want to divorce with less emotional drama and far less costs. And more and more people want to handle the process themselves. We not only support these goals, we fully embrace them.

We talk about how to achieve a divorce with less drama and lower costs in almost every podcast episode.

Patric: We hope you'll join us. Subscribe now through your favorite podcast app or, if you're listening on a website, bookmark this page so you don't miss our first episodes dropping in January.